Module SDK


The Module SDK is a TypeScript library for using Smart Account Modules in Applications. It allows you to easily install and uninstall modules for any ERC-7579 (opens in a new tab) account, interact with and use modules using dedicated helper utilites and can be used alongside existing account SDKs such as permissionless.js (opens in a new tab), Biconomy (opens in a new tab), ZeroDev (opens in a new tab) and many more.

The Module SDK is split into two components:

  • Accounts - Account-related helpers, like installing and uninstalling modules
  • Modules - Integrated modules with helpers for their installation and usage

The Module SDK is in currently in alpha and is subject to breaking changes. If you spot a bug, please take out an issue and we will fix it as soon as we can.

Module SDK banner

Current accounts supported by the Module SDK include:

The integrated modules include:

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