Why Rhinestone

Why Rhinestone?

A brief preamble on why we are building Rhinestone

The problem

Today there are significant barriers to the development of products that utilize smart accounts: developer complexity, security, and a lack of simple feature customization, leading to vendor lock-in and ecosystem fragmentation.

These challenges paint a picture of a homogenous smart account ecosystem where building novel features is costly, expensive audits disincentivize experimentation, and high switching costs increase user adoption risk.

We envision a world where smart accounts are simple (from a DevEx perspective), extensible, portable, and secure. Our unique modular smart account infrastructure and tooling achieve this. We transform the smart account into an open platform where any third-party developer can develop self-contained features (in the form of modules) that can be installed and used by any application developer or user.

Who uses Rhinestone?

Developers use Rhinestone to build modules that power unique onchain products or services. Our tooling streamlines the development process and our infrastructure provides a secure distribution mechanism with existing smart account implementations.

We partner with account vendors (such as Safe, Biconomy, and ZeroDev) and smart account wallet vendors to extend their feature set via a marketplace of third-party modules.

Rhinestone overview

The module developer opportunity

Modular smart accounts are a paradigm shift in onchain product development and distribution.

  • Rhinestone Wallet: A reference implementation of a direct-to-consumer “app store” powered by smart account modules
  • The Module Store: The first plug-and-play wallet platform built on top of a modular smart account