What is Rhinestone?

Rhinestone is building a platform to enable a secure ecosystem of smart account modules and, with it, permissionless wallet innovation. Rhinestone will enable any developer to build a smart account module that can be paired with front components for users to easily install, remove or swap out on their account. These docs will arm developers with the tools and resources to build modules and integrate them with third-party wallets via the module marketplace.

What is the mission?

Rhinestone’s mission is to turn smart accounts into a platform for innovation, allowing developers to build next-level product experiences that can facilitate the next wave of mainstream adoption. We give builders the ability to deliver web2-like UX without compromising web3 values – user sovereignty, interoperability, inclusion, innovation, and community.

Developer Stack


Development framework to streamline the process of building, testing and deploying modules for different smart account implementations.

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Coming soon

Integration kit that allows wallets to use third-party modular components in their UI.

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Module Registry

A registry that allows developers to register their modules and auditors to attest to their security.

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