Why Rhinestone


Why Rhinestone?

Smart accounts are still plagued with a long list of issues: developer complexity, vendor lock-in, fragmentation and lack of customization. Modular Account Abstraction creates the foundation to solve these issues. Accounts become secure kernels with all the interesting features, the components that allow for product differentiation, moving to self-contained components called modules. This transition is well underway. Greater than 95% of the smart accounts in the wild are modular (Safe, Biconomy, and ZeroDev).

Modularizing smart accounts creates the foundation for tackling these problems but does not alone address them. Unlocking modular smart accounts requires a new set of infrastructure and tooling to manage the full lifecycle of a module from development to usage at the application layer.

Rhinestones Why

We believe that powerful tools for self-sovereign ownership can unlock a new digital era.

Rhinestone’s mission is to turn smart accounts into a platform for innovation, allowing developers to build onchain products that can facilitate the next wave of mainstream adoption. We give builders the ability to deliver web2-like UX without compromising web3 values – user sovereignty, interoperability, and endless compossibility.