Registry Hook

Registry Hook

The Registry Hook module is a module that allows querying of a Registry on module installation.

You can find the source code for the module in the Core Modules repo (opens in a new tab) and the deployment address in the address book.


The getRegistryHook function is used to create an instance of the Registry Hook module. This function returns a module object.

import { getRegistryHook, HookType } from "@rhinestone/module-sdk";
const registryHook = getRegistryHook({
  registryAddress: "0x...",
  hookType: HookType.GLOBAL,
  selector: "0x", // should be a 4 byte hex string in case of SIG hook


The getSetRegistryAction function is used to set the registry hook address. This function returns an execution object

import { getSetRegistryAction } from "@rhinestone/module-sdk";
const setRegistryAction = getSetRegistryAction({
  registryAddress: "0x...",


The REGISTRY_HOOK_ADDRESS is a constant that represents the module address.