ModuleKit is a development kit for building, testing, and deploying smart account modules. ModuleKit makes the developer's life as simple as possible by removing the need for deep knowledge of ERC-4337, smart accounts, and the different implementations of smart accounts that exist today (e.g. Safe, Biconomy, and ZeroDev). ModuleKit also provides a library of tools, templates, and integrations that supercharge development, allowing developers to unlock the full potential of smart accounts. Within this toolkit, there are five key abstraction layers:

  • Standardized interfaces and templates: These ensure that your module is compatible with all the major account implementations and that it's extremely easy to get started.
  • Third-party integrations: ModuleKit has a library of integrations (opens in a new tab) and pre-built conditions for execution to make building powerful modules seamless.
  • Testing frameworks: An out-of-the-box testing setup with in-build unit and integration tests. This allows developers to easily test modules against different account implementations and abstracts away the complexities of the entire ERC-4337 flow.
  • Helper utilities: Various utilities to improve the developer experience, such as calculating gas consumption (including on L2s) and validataing that a module conforms to the ERC-4337 rules.
  • Security automation: These tools parse your module code and flag security vulnerabilities to be resolved before moving to a manual audit.
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Current module types supported by ModuleKit include:

Current accounts supported by ModuleKit include:

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