Rhinestone Developer Docs

Account Abstraction is a powerful tool for web3 builders. Smart contract accounts (smart accounts herein) allows for programmable validity and programmable execution, which has brought about heightened account security (e.g. multi-sig) and improved dapp experiences (e.g. session keys and multi-call). However, access to this new programmable platform has been limited to the core teams working on smart accounts and their accompanying UI (the wallet).

Modular Account Abstraction changes the game and allows any developer to build self-contained components that extend the onchain functionality of the user’s account. We believe this will establish smart accounts as a new platform for product innovation, disrupting the wallet space in the same way the iPhone’s App Store disrupted the mobile phone industry.

At Rhinestone, we’re building a platform that facilitates module development, from development frameworks and third-party tooling, all the way through to automated audits and installation on the user’s account. We provide distribution through a module marketplace and turnkey business models for monetization.