Welcome to Rhinestone

Rhinestone is dedicated to transforming smart accounts into a platform for permissionless innovation. Our mission is to create a secure ecosystem of smart account modules, enabling developers to build powerful on-chain products.

Rhinestone is pioneering a new infrastructure layer that allows any developer to build smart account modules on top of any compatible smart account vendor. Today we support Safe, Biconomy, and ZeroDev.

Module developers use Rhinestone to build and distribute their products and services via our integration with these account vendors. Application developers access these modules via a module marketplace or self serve through our developer tools.

Our modular smart account stack

ModuleKit Icon
ModuleKit is a developer tool for building, testing, and deploying smart account modules
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Module Sandbox
Module Sandbox is a frontend playground for building and testing UI components for modules
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Module SDK
Our SDK simplifies the integration and usage of smart account modules for application developers