Rhinestone Developer Docs

Today there are significant barriers to the adoption of smart accounts, including developer complexity, security, and a lack of simple feature customization, leading to vendor lock-in and ecosystem fragmentation. These challenges paint a picture of a homogenous smart account ecosystem where building novel features is costly, expensive audits disincentivize experimentation, and high switching costs increase user adoption risk.

Rhinestone makes smart accounts extensible, portable, and secure by opening up the programmable nature of smart accounts to any third party. Our infrastructure supports an onchain ecosystem of modules: an interoperability layer between accounts, modules, and users. We make it easy for developers to build smart account modules that can extend the functionality of the user’s account. The platform then enables the distribution and monetization of these modules, and for users or application developers to discover and install them.

Rhinestone is dedicated to transforming wallets into a platform for innovation. Our mission is to create a secure ecosystem of smart account modules, fostering permissionless wallet innovation and enabling developers to build powerful on-chain products that align with web3 values.

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