Getting started

Getting started

Rhinestone is building a number of different tools that help either build, test, deploy and distribute modules or to use them in applications and wallets. Of course, many developers will build their own modules and use them in their own applications. In either case, the following sections will help you get started.

Module developers

The fastest way to start building a smart account module is by using ModuleKit, a development kit for building and testing modules. ModuleKit simplifies the entire lifecycle of a module, including the building, testing and deploying phases. To learn out more about ModuleKit, check out the ModuleKit documentation.

Application developers

If you are an application developer and want to use modules in your application, you can use the Module Store to find and install modules. The Module Store, together with our Module SDK, will allow you to easily integrate modules into your application. To learn more about the Module SDK, check out the SDK documentation.