Address Book

Address Book

A collection of addresses for the various contracts we have deployed or are using. If you need any of our contracts on a different chain, just send me a message (opens in a new tab) or you can deploy any of them yourself from our repos.

Supported Networks


  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • Base


  • Sepolia


ERC-4337 EntryPoint (v0.7)0x0000000071727De22E5E9d8BAf0edAc6f37da032 (opens in a new tab)
Module Registry (opens in a new tab)0xe0cde9239d16bEf05e62Bbf7aA93e420f464c826 (opens in a new tab)
ERC-7579 Reference Factory0xFf81C1C2075704D97F6806dE6f733d6dAF20c9c6 (opens in a new tab)
ERC-7579 Reference Singleton (Advanced)0x76104ae8aecfc3aec2aa6587b4790043d3612c47 (opens in a new tab)
ERC-7579 Reference Bootstrap0x5e9F3feeC2AA6706DF50de955612D964f115523B (opens in a new tab)


Ownable Validator0xf83d07238a7C8814a48535035602123Ad6DbfA63 (opens in a new tab)
Webauthn Validator0x1C936be884Ce91ECFbDD10c7898C22b473eaB81a (opens in a new tab)
MultiFactor Validator0x2f28bcd0f3de8845409b947d9de45ca5ed776767 (opens in a new tab)
AutoSavings Executor0x9fc07B42B4e13cBeA040F4f3F80223C9aDf4005E (opens in a new tab)
ScheduledOrders Executor0x506A89D85a9733225fDB54d9e7E76D017c21E1C1 (opens in a new tab)
ScheduledTransfers Executor0xAd6330089d9a1fe89f4020292E1aFE9969a5A2Fc (opens in a new tab)
ColdStorage Executor0xBA313F2bEeE4118B97Dd565ED451f722219851BE (opens in a new tab)
ColdStorage Hook0xDFE507Ad4035256E586f9e8B7d0e82184d5b8cb4 (opens in a new tab)
Flashloan Callback0x71181a93753D489A10927fA747EEfD8425FF40DE (opens in a new tab)
Flashloan Lender0x10A734A2C140A3d8e7919aD19c4D2f15F2F5F36B (opens in a new tab)
Session Key Manager0xc5409e364bEd768fAcD8cE3E534a9C7787C0EC3B (opens in a new tab)