Address Book

Address Book

A collection of addresses for the various contracts we have deployed or are using. If you need any of our contracts on a different chain, just send me a message (opens in a new tab) or you can deploy any of them yourself from our repos.

Supported Networks


• Optimism

• Arbitrum

• Base

• Polygon

• Blast

• Mantle

• Avalanche

• Celo

• Gnosis

• Scroll


• Sepolia

• Optimism Sepolia

• Arbitrum Sepolia

• Base Sepolia

• Polygon Amoy

• Blast Sepolia

• Mantle Sepolia

• Avalanche Fuji

• Celo Alfajores

• Gnosis Chiado

• Scroll Sepolia


ERC-4337 EntryPoint (v0.7)0x0000000071727De22E5E9d8BAf0edAc6f37da032 (opens in a new tab)
Module Registry (opens in a new tab)0xe0cde9239d16bEf05e62Bbf7aA93e420f464c826 (opens in a new tab)
ERC-7579 Reference Factory0xeffF0157a29286b1B66f59184E1Cc8C95bb69327 (opens in a new tab)
ERC-7579 Reference Singleton (Advanced)0xBB1E16B06da368dA9D8bE8a662e4DA092cC80645 (opens in a new tab)
ERC-7579 Reference Bootstrap0xC33673E6a02ac64B90f2b8FaC58f88309DB6238B (opens in a new tab)
Safe7579 Adapter0xbaCA6f74a5549368568f387FD989C279f940f1A5 (opens in a new tab)
Safe7579 Launchpad0xbd3b9ba8162b23bcb0373e265cb07127e5b1b644 (opens in a new tab)


Ownable Validator0xBf2137a23F439Ca5Aa4360cC6970D70b24D07ea2 (opens in a new tab)
Webauthn Validator0xccAec32B52795A11de7D21aB45238C5Fc9146fB5 (opens in a new tab)
MultiFactor Validator0x3b48f49a55de3adfb7aba5ede084d4555d687b0e (opens in a new tab)
AutoSavings0x38a1deabbb1a0ea05ee05c780217a138c7138c31 (opens in a new tab)
ScheduledOrders Executor0x5341b4e7b347b7db9e124b15eba10a5c236ec3bb (opens in a new tab)
ScheduledTransfers Executor0xF1aE317941efeb1ffB103D959EF58170F1e577E0 (opens in a new tab)
Ownable Executor0xc98B026383885F41d9a995f85FC480E9bb8bB891 (opens in a new tab)
ColdStorage Hook0xE0D989D4D908A0Bb9CC801D8A8864276A5780Ab9 (opens in a new tab)
ColdStorage Flashloan0x944e786244f367f16ae038cbcfca7119fa266949 (opens in a new tab)
Session Key Manager0xc5409e364bEd768fAcD8cE3E534a9C7787C0EC3B (opens in a new tab)
SocialRecovery0x0Ecd5E6721BB885A68B4cbA52B74827994AbD66C (opens in a new tab)
RegistryHook0x34dedac925c00d63bd91800ff821e535fe59d6f5 (opens in a new tab)
DeadmanSwitch0xab614e4a5398bb2a2a0bf73f9c913ec7ff47d81f (opens in a new tab)
HookMultiPlexer0x6d561a8aee519807b7bf1313d59fd6d41372ed7f (opens in a new tab)


Mock Validator0x11D02847245Df7cF19f48C8907ace59289D8aCEe (opens in a new tab)
Mock Registry0x25A4b2F363678E13A0A5DB79b712dE00347a593E (opens in a new tab)