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Module ideas

There is a broad range of module categories and concrete module ideas that developers can build to enable specific product experiences for end users. We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of some modules that we think can greatly improve web3 UX and enable novel product features.

Wallet demo

We are currently building a wallet application that allows users to easily customise their account and act as a testing ground and, later, distribution platform for developers. Watch the demo to get a sense of how we imagine this reference implementation to look.


We regularly post overviews, technical deep-dives and product-idea explorations on our blog. Check it out in order to get information and inspiration and follow us to stay up-to-date with our latest content.


An overview of the common terms used in the Account Abstraction space and these docs together with their definitions.

Smart Account

A smart contract that is used as a user's account. Smart accounts can be modular or not.

Smart WalletThe application used to interface with the contract account.
Modular Smart AccountA smart account that is extensible by external contracts. We see this as a transitional term until all smart accounts eventually become modular.
ModuleA smart contract that extends the functionality of a smart account.

A module that validates authentication and authorization of a caller to the account.


A module that is called during the execution flow of the smart account to implement custom execution behavior.


A module that helps the storage of validators through a different process, such as after losing a validator key.


A module that is executed before or after another function, with the ability to modify state or cause the entire call to revert.


A "catch all" component to allow modular accounts to respond to arbitrary function calls.